Adjustable Davit Mount

Adjustable Davit Mount

Lead time for despatch: 4-5 weeks

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Delivery weight: 25.41 kg

The Sala Adjustable Davit Mount makes it possible to provide a safe access solution where this had previously been very difficult. This can also be used to form a lifting point on to a trench sheet up stand. If used with very light duty sheets such as M6 then a wooden sleeper should be used behind the sheets so as to increase the allowable bending moment.

The Adjustable Davit Mount can be used on any items from 0mm to 610mm providing the allowable bending moment meets 10170 NM. So for concrete abutments, coffer dams, trench boxes and many other areas this offers a light solution capable of attaching 2 man riding winches or fall arrest retrieve blocks.

The adjustable Davit Mount can only be used with a small offset davit. Different lower masts can be used depended upon the height required.

The Adjustable Davit Mount is supplied without the mast, davit and winch which can be purchased separately.

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