Clarke PEH15C50ND 110V Full Frame Compressor

Clarke PEH15C50ND 110V Full Frame Compressor

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This caged heavy duty 110v compressor with its 14 cfm continuous output is ideal to run Moduair trolleys and other airline breathing apparatus sets. The unit is powered by 110v and all hire fleet units are fitted with a 32 amp plug as they require a minimum 5 KVA supply.

This is a true ‘V’ belt driven compressor designed for the rigours of site life. These units offer constant air with a risk free supply from carbon monoxide, unlike petrol or diesel driven compressors

  • Displacement 14cfm
  • 50 litre receiver
  • 3 HP electric driven motor
  • Cast Iron cylinders
  • Twin cylinder pumps
  • Full protection steel frame
  • Heavy duty, for years of tough reliable use
  • British built for performance and reliability
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