Restraint lanyards are used to prevent a user from falling by restricting their ability to reach a fall hazard. Restraint must guarantee zero fall capability.

Energy absorbing lanyards come in a variety of lengths with various connectors. These units rely on a pack being pulled apart when a fall takes place  to ensure that your fall does not exceed 6kN, but care must be taken as the drop zone may require 6.75 metres for their use. They are available in either rope or webbing but both have the same qualities.

Retractable lanyards offer similar benefits to the energy absorbing lanyards but can give the user more freedom of movement with a much reduced drop distance.

 All lanyards that receive a fall must be withdrawn from service immediately. The maximum length of any make of lanyard can not exceed 2 metres.

Should you prefer we have range of lanyards available for hire:

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