Suspension Trauma Straps

Suspension trauma straps are simple to fit to any make of harness. Should a fall take place the straps are simply removed from the pouches and joined together to form a loop that the wearer then stands in. This takes all the pressure off of the artery's in the legs and so removes the problem of blood trauma. This allows valuable time for the rescue team to gain access to where they need to.

Should you prefer we have suspension trauma straps available for hire.

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Trauma straps that enable your body weight to be removed from the main artery's in the legs in the event of a fall. There are the most cost effective way of ensuring that your rescue plan works.

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The Suspension Trauma Straps are designed to fit any make of harness, they simply clip to the side webbing. In the event of a fall the suspended person can stand on the taking his weight off of the crotch main arteries. This gives as much time as is required for rescue.

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