1500mm HI-Viz Gridlock©

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Now supplied with our improved Gridlock Locks© in place of the restriction clips.

The Gridlock© Manhole Protection System offers a fast and safe way to cover manholes whilst allowing visibility and limited access for things like gas detector checks or venting procedures.

The Gridlock© comes in a transit bag complete with everything you need for instant protection.

The frame itself is lightweight and cantilevers open until it hits its engineered stops. A leash is then connected and the frame is lowered so that Gridlock© ends up over the open manhole and also offers protection during placement in case of a fall. Once sited, the Gridlock Locks© are fitted so that the Gridlock© frame cannot be kicked out of position.

The Gridlock© is also ideal in training situations to ensure that trainees cannot fall into the manhole but can perform visual inspections and checks in total safety.


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