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The GMI PS200 is a small robust personal multi gas detector for standard sewerage use. The unit is a natural diffusion monitor that uses 3 cells to monitor for the 4 standard confined space gases of H²S, CO, LEL and O².

The unit is rated as IP 5 and 7 for water so will not be affected by heavy rain and can take submersion for 30 minutes in water up to 1 metre deep. If the unit takes a dunk it will of course not sense gas whilst the sensors are covered but will save a hefty repair cost as the water can be shaken off.

A bump test though should be done within 24 hours to ensure that the sensor filters have not dried out with a non-porous coating from the waste contaminates. This unit also uses the latest USB charging methods so can be charged from any item that will connect, for instance vehicle lighter sockets.

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