Adjustable Offset Upper Mast 760-1200mm

Adjustable Offset Upper Mast 760-1200mm

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The 760-1200mm Offset Davit Mast offers a lightweight, easily transportable davit arm. The davit offers four different extensions to extend over your entry position but only the first two holes can be used as only these are CE rated. The angle can be set using an adjustable ram where height or rake could be critical.

The davit arm is designed to be able to run up to two winches or fall arrest blocks. If two winches are used only one operative can man-ride at any one time as the unit is not certified for two man-riding. There is also an attachment hook so that small chain blocks can be used as the davit is rated to lift 205kg goods.

There are a variety of lower masts available to give you the height you need for your particular confined space entry requirements.

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